Roofing Repairs Swansea

We can help with a wide range of roof repairs, some of which are minor issues that are simple to fix and not expensive, however the longer you wait to get it fixed the more damage that is caused pushing up the costs of the repair.

Can Your Roof Be Repaired?

We are able to repair all types of roofing leaks. Clients experiencing leaks on their slate, tile or flat roofs are usually caused by simple wear and tear and exposure to the elements, it is normally the edges or the area where the roof meets the wall of the house, if spotted and repaired early this is a minor problem.

We also get a lot of enquiries to replace or re-set slates and tiles that have shifted over time or due to high winds, again these can be simple low cost repairs if caught in time.

Roofing Repair Services in the Swansea Area:

• Roof Tiles Replaced
• Slate & Tiles replacement
• Ridge Tiles Repointed
• Chimney Repairs
• Lead Flashings
• Guttering Repairs
• Gutter Cleaning
• Repoint Chimneys
• Maintenance
• Flat Roof Repair
• Flat Roof Replacement
• Roof Inspection
• Leaking Roof.

We will always recommend the best roofing system for your property and situation. Give us a call now on 07725817197 to discuss your exact requirements.

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